Moorigad Release Festivities 

Join in on the fun and excitement as Debra Kristi celebrates her completed Dragon Series and your chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card



Summer Reading Bonanza – June Amazon Gift Card Event

Why not start your summer off with loads of books and prizes.  Enter daily HERE.  Want to see who our daily winners are?  Check the WINNERS Page.


Release Party for “I Promise You This” 

Did you see the list of gift cards Patricia Sands is giving away at her May 19th?  Get over to her page and enter today!!

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Marketing 1.6 – LinkedIn

Want to know the value of having a LinkedIn Profile?  Here’s your chance.

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Facebook is not showing you anything…

Did you know you won’t see the posts in your favorite events unless you turn them on?  Here is what you need to do so you don’t miss anything!!

Marketing 1.8 – Amazon Author Page

Do you know all there ins and outs of your Amazon Author Page?  How about how to create a personal URL?  Well we have all the information you need.  Click on our blog and see everything you’ll ever need to know.



Event Marketing 

Let us help you create lasting bonds with your fans.  List of our current Marketing Events 

Bloggers Wanted

Looking for bloggers for our large list of upcoming Blog Tours.   Check it out Today.

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13th – June Flash Giveaway

20th – “Murder over Kodiak” Release Party

27th – Lei Crime Kindle World Facebook Party