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After 20 years working in Event Marketing for some of the top Fortune 100 companies in America, Diane decided to leave corporate America and follow her dream of becoming a business owner.  Putting her years of experience to the test, she now helps authors tackle the dreadful Marketing Monster on a daily basis.  Whether it is explaining how to create a brand or what opportunities there are in today’s market, Diane spends countless hours making sure authors are well informed and ready with customized strategies .



After years of beta reading and editing for some of today’s leading author’s, Jenny now heads up the Editorial department of BookRhythm as their Editor-In-Chief.  An expert at finding amazing talent, Jenny has a team of reviewers, beta readers and editors at her fingertips, to make sure every author’s work shines just the way it should.



In an ever changing literary industry, BookRhythm has morphed from an independent publisher to a leader in marketing opportunities for Indie and Traditionally Published authors.  With its custom tailored approach, BookRhythm specializes in getting to know their clients and building an individualized, custom strategy that for fills their needs. Whether this is building up and launching a new release or marketing an existing series that is looking for a boost.


Testimonial br

August was my first event with BookRhythm and I have to say that for me, it was also a smashing success. Lots of FB likes, lots of sales, lots of buzz. I was very impressed and happy. I’ve just signed up for the Birthday Bash and am looking forward to a long and successful relationship with BookRhythm!

Cheers, H. Leighton Dickson


My experience with Book Rhythm has been excellent. They have gently nudged me into types of promotion I would never have considered on my own and the results have been most worthwhile.  ~ Author Patricia Sands


Book Rhythm’s September 2014 event gave fans, old and new, a chance to delve into not just get to know the book but the characters within it as well. ~ Max E. Stone, Author of “The Bleeding”


I loved participating in the Author Stroll — it let me get my work out to a whole new potential audience in a way I hadn’t tried before.  ~ Author Rory Ni Coileain

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  1. I love the new web design and a chance to learn more about Bookrhythm. The new sight is a feast for my eyes. entered the rafflecopter and I hope I win amazon gift card because that means I can buy more books that I found on your new site. Thanks

    • Candy we are so happy you like this page. We updated this page as the authors that we market for change. Keep stopping by.

  2. I love all of these giveaways and I so would love to win those Dragon Books alot I love Dragon so much I am crazy lol I collect Dragons all the way around and thanks lol

  3. Looks great.
    Thank you to everyone involved in all the contest and for all the great prizes. It’s very kind of you.

  4. I enjoy giveaways as much as the next person and love find new authors that write the books I adore. This awesome event is giving me the chance at both. Well done to all involved in this amazing event and thank you x

  5. Thank you for this chance to win a great gift. I love gift cards because I just use it on more books.
    Thank you for all the great information you give me all right here. It makes it easy to find.
    Thank you again

  6. Learning more about BookRythm is great. I love the gift card give aways. It let’s you pick the books you want. I also love all the contests, they so much fun. Thank you !!

  7. GREAT site. So grateful my cousin Erin Finigan tuned me in to it. Working hard on my own book and just love all the exposture to new (to me) authors.

  8. I love how Diane and Jenny go out of their way for us authors. I sign up for an event and as I am busy with my day job they keep my dream going. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

  9. The staff of Book Rhythm have always been a positive and uplifting group to work with. My books and my media sites always take an upturn with their promotions. Thanks so much for the job you do. ~~~ Author C.J. Baty

  10. I didn’t realise how many opportunities you offer authors for book promotion and need to investigate all of the possibilities for my novels. Excellent site.

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