Destiny is the ultimate power that predetermines the course of one’s fate.

For Natalia, life as a vampire was inevitable. She welcomed it with open arms until she realized it has caused even more problems for her and Bradley.

As a newborn Natalia feels confined, like a caged animal and withdraws from reality. She shields her every thought from Bradley, drifting further and further away from him. In hopes to save their marriage and his wife, Bradley whisks them away.

While they’re on hiatus several of their kind, including two Councilmen, are murdered and all the evidence points to Natalia. The Council demands that she be punished for her crimes. To prove her innocence they race against time.

Unfortunately, their enemy, someone close to them, has an advantage; he knows all their secrets. He’s determined to rid the world of Bradley and to have Natalia as his mate.

​Natalia and Bradley’s fate has brought them full circle, to their Destiny.

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