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Your Muse has been whispering to you for a long time. You know you have a story to tell. You probably have many stories to tell. You finally sit down and the words flow from your imagination onto the page and one day those magic words take you to the destination you have been longing to reach: “The End”. Now what?​


Content Editing:

This is a more comprehensive partnership between author and editor, bringing them together as one to make sure the final product is the best it can be. This service is designed to address stylistic elements such as concept, tone, characterization, and organization.  We will also cover intended word use and genre-specific conventions. Our focus will also be on improving sentence structure, and we will ask the author questions – lots of questions – before we give feedback directly to the author.  If we think a manuscript might need a little restructuring, so that the flow and readability of the final product will look better, we will give the author this feedback, too. Our aim is to ALWAYS make sure the best product is put out there for the readers and fans to enjoy.


Copy Editing:

Copy editing is a little different; in this we address the technical elements such as grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency. We do this so that the final product is as error free as possible, so your work can shine when it is published.


By combining the above two elements together, we will work with the author to ensure that the intended storytelling and characters are getting across as desired to the audience. We do this by reading as a fan – as well as an editor – so the author gets the best of both worlds.  We have developed our methods of editing through experience, with both first time authors as well as accomplished published authors, to make sure every book has the very best chance at the readership it deserves.  We pass the author’s work through a minimum of two editors and proofreaders, before we will let it leave our hands and back to the author for their end of the editing process. We will then make sure it has one final read through before it is completed and ready to be uploaded and sold.


Proof Reading:

This service is for those authors who have completed their edits and are ready to move onto the formatting stage. We will have the work read through by at least two of our highly competent readers in order to make sure the final work is as clean and error free as possible. They will go through the author’s work with dedicated attention to the finer details such as small mistakes, typos, misused words and punctuation issues that may have been missed in all of the other processes. All of our proofreaders are book lovers that have an eye for detail and a love of going that extra step to make sure the final outcome is one everyone can be proud of.


Beta Reading:

Another valuable service that we offer is Beta Reading; this is a must for any manuscript. Our skilled readers will go through the manuscript, looking to see that the story is flowing and captivating, aiding the author in picking out areas that need working on and giving feedback on the overall growth and development within the manuscript as a whole. Checking that characters are growing and developing, that the story captivates and tells just what the author wants it to is important to make sure the story has the depth and ensuring that readers will be shown the story while they are reading the words.


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