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Your Muse has been whispering to you for a long time. You know you have a story to tell. You probably have many stories to tell. You finally sit down and the words flow from your imagination onto the page and one day those magic words take you to the destination you have been longing to reach: “The End”. Now what?

Now you talk to us! We love books. We know books. We also know that self publishing is no longer the wave of the future – it is the present! Our expert team of Publishing Specialists, or Author Wranglers as we like to call them, can take your completed novel through all of the next steps for you so that you can continue writing without worrying about what to do next. From ISBNs to covers, copyrighting to copy editing, to formatting and distribution, we are your support team that takes care of the tasks your Muse never bothered to mention.

We can also help you with that “M” word, that other topic your Muse forgot to mention…Marketing. Your Muse might think that books can sell themselves, but in today’s market you need to let the world know why your story is one everyone needs to read.

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