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Our highly competent and talented formatters will take your word document and weave their magic to produce all of the files needed to publish the author’s book on any Ebook platform they wish to offer their work to their readers. This will be a quality file that is checked before it is sent to the author to make sure there are as few errors to be found in the final product as can be managed.




This is a slightly different style of formatting from the Ebook version and requires even more attention to detail to ensure that once the final book is produced, all of the margins and wording is enjoyable to the reading masses. A final read through of the formatted book will be done before it is loaded and ready to hit the many shelves it is destined to reach. We aim to make sure each and every copy is of the highest standard possible in the publishing world.





Our awesome team of in house staff can upload and distribute your formatted book on all of the major retail sites. Making sure that everything goes smoothly, you can expect your book to hit computers and shelves worldwide. We distribute through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple ITunes and Kobo plus many of the other top retail outlets established in the world today. We also search out new and upcoming sites to make your book available for purchase so as it is guaranteed to reach as many of your potential readers as possible no matter what platform they read on.


Contact us today for an individual quote on single or package services and let’s get started!

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