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Whether it is a book cover, banner ad or promotional piece, our team of highly skilled artists will work closely with an author to do everything in their power to make sure the author’s visions become a reality. Working as a team until the author is fully satisfied and the end product is one they can be proud of.



BookRhythm, along with its partners, can create a website designed around your own personal branding and not just another electronic brochure. Working as a team, each site is custom designed to articulate your goals and bring the aesthetics that you are looking for to further improve and place your own brand stamp on, so as to merge you and your online counterpart into one total package. From initial concept to the live site, we will handle everything that you need to make sure that your site has the awesome look you were looking for and is easy for visitors to navigate and relate too.

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  1. Can you give average $$ quote for cover design? Is it art work or digital manipulation? If I provide artist concept, how does that change?

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