What Do I Do?

What do we specialize in…Our Author Wranglers

Ok with the help of your Muse, you wrote your book.  You lived through the daunting task of submitting your manuscript to publishers and a few rounds of edits with their editors.  You chose your book cover and wrote your bio.  You even made yourself the typical Facebook, GoodReads and LinkedIn accounts. Release day comes and you are now a “PUBLISHED AUTHOR”….yeah!!

​BUT…no one ever told you that it is your responsibility to promote your book, build your fan base, interact with your fans and organize blog tours and interviews.  All you want to do is write and now you don’t have a minute to do so because books won’t just sell themselves…what do you do? That’s where BookRhythm’s Author Wranglers come to your aide.  We can set up your social networking pages, manage your blog tours and interviews, and even set up your own contests to help build your fan base.  We have the experience to do as little or as much as you want.  Don’t let another day go by where you can’t listen to your Muse! Contact BookRhythm today and let’s design a custom plan just for your needs.​

Now don’t think BookRhythm ONLY does Author Wrangling…no, we have a full range of services that we can help you with prior to your RELEASE, plus we are a full-functioning Publishing company.

Contact us now to set up an appointment.